Culture in Quarantine

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Special newsletter regarding to extraordinary situation.

Culture in Quarantine Again

It is still not clear when culture will be able to get back to normal operation. Thus, we would like to help share information about the current state of culture and art in the special newsletter. You will find an overview of extraordinary measures, calls and grants, activities in professional associations, and information about more opportunities how to cooperate, where to get inspiration, or how to help each other. You can send us your suggestions at

Culture after Quarantine // The Eleventh Edition

From the first symptoms of the corona-crisis, the information service prepared by the Arts and Theatre Institute has brought you coverage of the extraordinary measures relating to culture and the arts, an overview of events and reactions to the pandemic at home and abroad, and new projects in support of the cultural sector. Apart from the structural measures, it has also mapped the mobilisation and ingenuity of the cultural community in this difficult period.

Culture After Quarantine // The Tenth Edition

Our first June newsletter brings you information on updated regulations, support for culture online, efforts to map the impact of the coronavirus crisis on literature and new projects to support the arts. It also features an interview with publisher and literary documentarian Barbora Baronová, who discusses the current situation and much more.

Culture after Quarantine // The Ninth

The first newsletter after the quarantine brings information about updated measures, mapping the impacts of the coronacrisis, new projects for arts support, and a list of activities all around Europe.

Culture in Quarantine // The Eight Edition

The eighth special newsletter brings you information about updated measures, hygienic recommendations related to easing activities of cultural subjects, and new projects to support culture.

Culture in Quarantine // The Seventh Edition

The seventh special newsletter brings you information about current events in Czech culture and the overview of international reactions to the current state of affairs.

Culture in Quarantine // The Sixth Edition

The sixth special newsletter brings you information about the recently passed set of measures proposed by the Minister of Culture, a summary of more government measures related to people in culture, which was submitted by the Ministry of Culture. We also list reactions to the current state from the International Theatre Institute, Czech music representatives, and the National Theatre Drama. We would like to inform you about the launch of an extensive survey on mapping the losses, carried out by the ATI in association with the University of Economics and DAMU (Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts), we list more examples of international measures (we keep updating the information on the special site on our website International Best Practice), we present useful projects and links in cultural overviews, and the Focus section deals with the impacts of the coronacrisis on show business.

Culture in Quarantine // The Fifth Edition

The fifth special newsletter brings you new and updated measures to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic, as well as international good practice. The ATI portal Kreativní Česko prepared an overview of inspiring measures for municipalities and regions; we have also published an overview of European umbrella organizations and networks, engaged in monitoring the situation in the cultural sector and raising questions to the European Commission and EU Member States’ governments.

Culture in Quarantine // The Fourth Edition

In our fourth special newsletter we discuss the emergence of a research methodology for mapping losses in the cultural sector in which IDU participates together with VŠE and AMU. We also present an overview of new measures of the MIT and the MLSA aimed at mitigating the economic impacts of extraordinary government measures in the field of culture.

Culture in Quarantine // The Third Edition

In our third special newsletter we’re bringing you an overview of different ministries’ official recommendations for the arts sector. Are you trying to get back into the country? Do you have a grant issue you’re not sure how to handle? Read on. The wave of solidarity is leading to newly emerging projects offering rapid mutual support, whether you’re looking for work, alternative forms of contact with spectators or online mental health support. And because we feel it’s time to do something about the onslaught of information and activity resulting from the order, we’re including a new section, Intermission, to offer inspirations you’d enjoy even in normal circumstances.

Culture in quarantine // The Second Edition

Our next newsletter has brought you proposals for the first structural measures related to independent arts, tips for platforms for sharing job offers and demands, overviews of online streaming of performances and concerts, virtual gallery tours and other creative procedures, proving the power and creativity of the cultural sector in hard times – you can find information about theatres making face masks, for instance.

Culture in quarantine // The First Edition
Mapping the Impact of the Ministry of Health’s Extraordinary Measures on the Czech Independent Arts Sector: A Summary

Data was collected from 12:00 on 12 March 2020 to 13:00 on 16 March 2020 via a research questionnaire. The questionnaire was addressed to representatives of umbrella organisations, professional associations and individuals. Its emphasis was also to establish the current situation of subjects, individual artists and other professionals that work in the independent arts scene and are not part of larger organisations. While collecting the data, ATI collaborated with other organisations and media currently carrying out their own research, in order to avoid duplication of data.

Other articles related to current situation

2. 4. 2020
International Best Practice

An overview of European umbrella organizations and networks that are monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the cultural sector.

1. 4. 2020
Pavla Petrová: I believe that our culture can survive 

Minister of Culture Lubomír Zaorálek charged the Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI) with mapping the impact of the emergency measures connected with COVID-19 on the fields of theatre, music, fine art, literature, etc.  Divadelní noviny / The Newspaper Theatre asked ATI’s director Pavla Petrová about the details of this unexpected, rapid response research.

10. 3. 2020
COVID-19-related measures


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