27. 5. 2022

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Invitation to Final Presentation of Ukrainian students and teachers at DAMU

Come and support the work of our Ukrainian colleagues

11. 5. 2022

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Save the Date with Czech Performing Arts in 2022

There are countless fabulous opportunities for everyone to get involved in Czech performing arts events. Check their schedule, including website links and short info.

26. 4. 2022

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ATI created a new website - Culture for Ukraine

The website is in English and offers information about about options from the Czech republic and Europe for individual financial support, mobility and residency programs, cultural programs, work search instruments and scholarships and education offers for Ukrainians.

20. 4. 2022

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Prague Will Become the Firt Host of the Digital Leap Training Module

Digital Leap is an international project that offers contemporary circus and dance artists learning opportunities for deepening their understanding of different digital tools and virtual platforms. It consists of four self-contained five-day training modules in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Catalunya and France. The...

14. 4. 2022

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Culturenet created a new form for artists and cultural professionals from Ukraine

Are you an artist/cultural manager looking for a job or other opportunity? Please register on the Culturenet website for cultural professionals and post your offer.

11. 4. 2022

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Be Part of The Programme Focal Point: Redefining Space

The Creative Europe Desk Czechia in collaboration with Studio ALTA in Prague seeks for 12 inspiring examples of innovative approaches to space. Selected project will be presented in the International Conference Trans Europe Halles 93#.

Volunteer at the ATI

Do something you enjoy doing and gain experience while you’re at it.

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