21. 8. 2018

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Helsinki to see Three Takes on Czech Puppet Theatre

Visitors have the unique opportunity to see the exhibition Three Takes on Czech Puppet Theatre from 21st August to 27th August in the Päivälehti museum in Helsinki. The opening takes place on 21st August at 3 p.m.

13. 8. 2018

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Milli Janatková has received the American Independent Music Award

The song Mothers’ Magic written by a distinctive singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, designer and teacher Milli Janatková received the Independent Music Award - Vox Populi in the A Capella category. The journey to the USA was supported by the ATI as part of the Go and See – Short-term Mobility program.

13. 6. 2018

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The declaration of the Czech Centre of the AICT/IACT – Czech Association of Theatre Critics

The Arts and Theatre Institute publishes the contents of the protest the Czech Centre of AICT/IACT sent to the International Association of Theatre Critics IATC/AICT in response to the social and political effort to infringe upon the freedom of creation and expression.

12. 6. 2018

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Arts Institute Academy educates the representatives of selected cultural organizations and the public

The first lecture of this year’s Arts Institute Academy opened the third edition of the event in May. The educational program designed to enhance skills (strategic planning, marketing, leadership, fundraising, project management, creative thinking) necessary for effective management of cultural organizations takes...

8. 6. 2018

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The new portal CzechMobility.Info to give advice and to help culture professionals

7th June 2018 was the day when the workshop Taxes and International Artistic Cooperation took place as well as the launch of a new information portal of the Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI) CzechMobility.Info to support international artistic cooperation. It helps culture professionals in useful mobility issues, such...

3. 5. 2018

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The ATI and Prague Quadrennial have joined organizations in Europe and express their concern about the planned EU directive, which would put all European theatres into the dark age!

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