International Professionals at Events in the Czech Republic

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We support the participation of international experts, speakers, and important figures at festivals and events in the Czech Republic that showcase contemporary Czech theatre, dance, and music and the participation of these professionals in projects designed to advance the performing arts and the contemporary music scene. Through consultation with the PerformCzech Advisory Council and the SoundCzech Advisory Council and international partners we help to select international figures whose presence at events in the Czech Republic will be enriching for the Czech cultural and professional community and will help in the promotion of information and knowledge about the Czech performing arts and the good reputation of Czech culture abroad.   

We support festivals dedicated to showcasing the contemporary Czech music scene, theatre, dance, and contemporary circus in the Czech Republic, selecting and inviting dramaturgs, critics, presenters, and curators to participate and helping to cover the costs of their travel to take part in these events.

We support organisations focusing on the performing arts that prepare conferences, seminars, workshops, and other forms of professional meetings and select and arrange the stays of visiting speakers, lecturers, and other figures in world theatre, dance, and other branches of the performing arts.

We organise professional and artistic programmes for international dramaturgs, critics, presenters, and curators involved in the music sector and the performing arts in the Czech Republic – for example, the Czech theatre and dance showcase at the Prague Quadrennial or the Prague Visitors´ Programme.

We organise conferences, seminars, workshops, and other types of professional meetings that host international speakers and lecturers and welcome other important figures in the world of theatre, dance, and other branches of the performing arts – for example, the meetings organised as part of Theatre Night, Create to Connect and PACE.V4.

We help to develop instruments for the international presentation and promotion of productions, artists, and organisations in the Czech performing arts – for example, by creating websites in English, producing subtitles for productions, or creating trailers for artistic productions.

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