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The mission of the Czech Creative Europe Desk is to provide Czech organisations with information about the European Union’s Creative Europe programme and thereby encourage their interest in international cooperation and in organising productive international cultural projects.

Creative Europe Desk

We organise seminars where we provide information about the programmes of the European Union and a seminar series for applicants. We present information on and organise activities relating to subjects connected with European cultural policy and priorities and the barriers in the European Union (international mobility, approaches to the arts, working with the public, digitisation, involving disadvantaged groups, networking, and cultural and creative industries). The Creative Europe Desk is based at the ATI with which it organises the Focal Point events, where it focuses on the topics mentioned above; the Creative Europe Desk is however organisationally and financially independent of the ATI.

Creative Europe is an EU programme that supports the cultural and creative industries and the audio-visual industry. Its purpose is to create a single framework for funding European projects in the performing arts, the visual arts, literature, film, television, music, interdisciplinary arts, cultural heritage, and video games, making maximum use of the synergy between various sectors and thereby increasing the effectiveness of the support provided. The programme comprises two sub-programmes: Culture (support for international projects in the cultural and creative industries) and MEDIA (support for European cinematography and the audio-visual industry). It also has a cross-sectional component that supports pilot projects and includes a financial mechanism in the form of the Guarantee Facility for providing loans to for-profit projects in the cultural and creative industries.

Programme priorities

  • supporting Europe’s cultural and linguistic diversity,
  • strengthening the capacity of the cultural and creative industries to operate on an international level,
  • improving the cultural and creative industries‘ access to funding,
  • promoting the use of digital technologies,
  • working with the public/audiences,
  • advancing cross-sectoral and international cooperation,
  • collecting data on the cultural and creative industries.


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Magdalena Müllerová

Head of the Creative Europe Desk Coordinator of ATI Academy

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Viktor Debnár

CULTURENET.CZ, literature

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Eva Žáková

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