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We have more than two decades of experience supporting the international mobility of artists and professionals in the culture sector. Thanks to cooperation with our international partners we are informed of current opportunities for cooperation and examples of best practices in other countries, which we use to advocate for the growing needs of the Czech arts scene, so that it is able to maintain active international ties and contacts. We also provide information about opportunities for international cooperation and assistance dealing with the practical issues of artistic mobility, such as organising visas and international contracts.

Our programmes:

Artistic Residencies Programme
This programme coordinates and arranges residencies for artists from various branches of the arts. It sends Czech artists abroad and also attends to the needs of international artists locally and provides them with contacts in the Czech arts scene.

Residencies at the Egon Schiele Art Centre
We organise artistic residencies for young Czech artists at the Egon Schiele Art Centre in Český Krumlov.

Residencies for Writers
We are a co-founder of the Visegrad Literary Residence Programme (VLRP).

Czech Book Award Literary Residencies
We support literary residencies in cooperation with the Czech Book Award.

We support the mobility of contemporary musicians and music managers through our SoundCzech office. We issue calls for applications to participate in events and programmes open to music professionals.

This Czech information service is designed to support international cooperation in the arts. Its purpose is to help professionals in the culture sector deal with the practical issues and tasks connected with international mobility, such as taxes, visas, insurance, and contracts. The heart of this project is an online information portal, but other activities include a consultation service and workshops.


Our Support in Figures

  • Under the Artistic Residencies Programme since 2007 we have sent 125 artists to residencies around the world and have welcomed 30 in the Czech Republic
  • Since 2007 we have organised residencies for more than 114 artists at the Egon Schiele Art Centre
  • As part of the Residencies for Writers programme we have welcomed 50 writers to Prague from countries in the Visegrad 4 region since 2012
  • In the Go and See short-term mobility programme we have supported more than 300 individual trips abroad since 2013



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