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We try to help artists and organisations build the knowledge and skills that they need to work better. We share information and promote best practices and positive trends and we foster cooperative ties between different professions, sectors, organisations, and individuals. We contribute to advocacy on cultural-policy issues and work to emancipate the cultural sector and improve the position of culture in the Czech Republic.

Do you have an idea for a meeting or conference? Contact us.

Cultural organisations can apply to the Arts Institute Academy, which helps people working in the culture sector develop important skills (e.g. management, marketing, fundraising, leadership).

Follow us and join in our Focal Point events, which are open to the professional community and are designed to promote best practices and positive trends in the field of cultural policy. Since 2013, for instance, we have been focusing on working with the public in cooperation with the Creative Europe Desk.

As part of Theatre Night, Create to Connect and PACE.V4 we organise gatherings for professionals in which international speakers and important figures from the world of theatre, dance, and other branches of the performing arts take part.

In music, SoundCzech, our export-oriented office, organises workshops for professional musicians, and Czech Ear is a project devoted to creative musical education for children. In literature, we organise the ViceVersa translation workshop.

Our programmes help people:

  • improve their qualifications
  • expand their horizons
  • meet up with colleagues and peers
  • collectively reach their goals

Volunteer at the ATI

Do something you enjoy doing and gain experience while you’re at it.

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