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We prepare new articles daily that provide you with information about opportunities for cooperation and grant funding and about interesting studies and publications. You can learn about current job opportunities in the Czech Republic and internationally in the field of culture and receive news about events that artists and cultural managers from the Czech Republic and abroad are taking part in. The web portals also share news obtained from international professional networks and NGOs that are based at the ATI.

Our main tool of communication for professionals across fields is Culturenet, where we publish news about grant calls, job opportunities, opportunities for collaboration, interesting events such as conferences, new publications, and cultural-policy news. Other Culturenet tools include a directory of Czech cultural bodies, organisations, and websites, a database of literature  devoted to cultural policy and management, and a database of projects that are a source of inspiration for developing projects, especially international projects.

On ArtsCzech we offer a basic overview of culture in the Czech Republic in English along with a directory of other useful sources of information. News aimed at international readers focuses on the achievements of Czech artists and the most important Czech artistic events and goings on in the Czech Republic and abroad.  

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The ATI also operates the following Web portals devoted to culture and the arts and related subjects:

Creative Czechia
A platform with information on the cultural and creative industries (CCI) that have an impact on society and the economy.
A Czech-language web portal with comprehensive information about events, opportunities, and jobs in the field of theatre, grant call and opportunities for project partnerships.

SoundCzech connects music professionals to the international scene. The portal is in Czech and English.

PerformCzech connects professionals working in theatre, dance, and new circus to the international scene. The portal is in Czech and English.

An information portal aimed at professionals working in the culture sector who need to deal with the practical issues of engaging in international artistic cooperation such as taxes, visas, insurance, and author contracts. The portal is in Czech and English.

Academy of ATI
Website for cultural managers.


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