Publications 1950–2009

A list of the Theatre Institute’s publications 1950–2009

The list of the Theatre Institute’s publications contains all materials published by the Theatre Institute up to the date 31 May 2009 – including publications produced by the Theatre Institute alone and ones produced in cooperation with other institutions.

Works to which the Theatre Institute made authorial contributions but in whose actual publication it did not participate are omitted from this list, as are publications released by the Slovak branch of the institute that existed in Bratislava until a separate Slovak Theatre Institute was established. The listed entries are numbered (1 – 804) and divided into two parts: non-periodical publications and periodicals. Non-periodical publications comprise print publications and electronic materials published individually. The publications are grouped by the year they were produced, and listed alphabetically under each year – either by the author’s name, in the case of publications with an author, or by title, in the case of publications with no specific authors. The element according to which the work is listed alphabetically (i.e. by author’s name or title) is indicated in bold. Periodicals list titles of publications that were issued periodically and these publications listed in alphabetical order by periodical title. The entries are composed to conform to ISO 690 and ISO 690-2.

At the end of this list, there is a list of publication series under which the Theatre Institute published materials. Only publication series produced by the Theatre Institute are included here; co-published publications are omitted. Individual publication series are listed alphabetically and also by volume number; unnumbered periodicals are listed chronologically. The number following the publication’s name indicates the number of its entry in the main list.

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