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This is an electronic information service relating to the field of theatre that serves as a simple and convenient route to accessing the information you need. Anyone can ask any question about theatre or the work of the Theatre Institute by submitting it to here online.

The question will be handled by a member of the ATI’s expert staff, who will make use of the ATI’s sources and collections and send a response by email. In most cases a response can be sent within a week. In the case of more complicated questions you will be notified if more time is required. Interesting questions and responses of a more general nature may be posted in an archive to benefit other users.

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What kind of questions do we receive?

  • In what operetta or opera is the Mississippi aria sung? I heard it performed by soloist F. Zahradníček. It was glorious.
  • Could you please tell me whether the seating area of the rotating theatre in Český Krumlov is accessible to people with disabilities – whether it is possible to drive right up to the seating area, whether it is possible to borrow a wheelchair, or whether there is any other way of making access easier for people with mobility difficulties.
  • I’m looking for information about a theatre manager in Prague named K(arel) Srbek in the 1930s (in the materials a ballet dancer from Olomouc indicates that until 3 April 1937 she was employed by K. Srbek, a theatre manager in Prague).


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