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The Theatre Institute is the only institution in the Czech Republic that, with love and professionalism, studies and records, preserves, and provides access to information on the theatre to anyone interested in learning about its history and its present. We are the memory of Czech theatre – as once a work for the stage has its final performance it is gone.   

We operate as an open centre of information, scholarship, consultation, education, and publishing in the field of theatre. We provide a wide range of services (a library and video library, web portals and databases, bibliographic and documentation services). We organise and participate in international projects, engage in researchdocumentation work, collecting activities, and organising exhibitions, and we also publish scholarly and specialised literature on the theatre.


Theatre Institute

Celetná 17
110 00 Prague 1

Ondřej Svoboda
+420 224 809 164
+420 732 517 368

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