Iva Němcová

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An exhibition showcasing the work of an outstanding figure in Czech scenic design.

This exhibition showcased the work of an outstanding figure in Czech scenic design. That person is Iva Němcová (1980–2015), who passed away at a young age. The main part of the exhibition is made up of set models accompanied by video installations and audio materials to generate an idea of the context and conditions of each piece of work.

The exhibition and the monograph devoted to Iva Němcová were initiated and organised by a team of the artist’s friends and colleagues. Brought to an untimely close, her work is nevertheless a valuable resource for study, because it possesses something that fundamentally reflects the scenic arts in the early 21st century.

The book and the exhibition dedicated to Iva Němcová were created by Andrej Ďurík, Jan Frič, Lenka Jehlíková, Barbora Příhodová, Matěj Samec, Dragan Stojčevski, Lucia Škandíková, Daniel Špinar, and Marie Zdeňková.

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