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The Publishing Department is the centre of the ATI’s publishing activities. It publishes original and translated works in the fields of theatre history, theory, and criticism. As well as the professional and editorial management of the publications it produces itself, the department also collaborates on publishing projects with other ATI departments and with other publishers in the Czech Republic and abroad.

More on the department’s publishing history is provided here:

The Theatre Institute 1959–2009 
A list of the Theatre Institute’s publications (1950-2009)

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  • Kamila Černá

Publication Series

Original and translated works devoted to the theory and history of theatre around the world.

Original and translated works devoted to the theory and history of theatre around the world.

This special subseries of Czech Theatre releases anthologies of writings by important Czech theatre critics and theorists, studies on authors, annotated bibliographies, and more. The Publishing Department produces this series in cooperation with the Czech Theatre Studies Department.

The Plays series consists of anthologies of classic works of drama in translation and especially plays by 20th-century authors. This series has the prestigious task of producing new and revised translations of plays, edited with a view to ensuring the literary quality of the translation, while also taking into account the need for a ‘speakable’ text and the requirements of an actual performance. Each book also includes a lengthy essay on the author of the plays and biographical and bibliographical information.

Translations of contemporary international drama. This series has helped to bring many important international titles to the Czech stage.

The series comprises four volumes of plays from the four Visegrad countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia), presenting a cross-section of the region’s dramatic works across the 20th century. Three volumes have been published to date. 

This periodical is published in English and informs readers about the most important events in Czech theatre from the past season. It contains summary articles and portraits of Czech theatres, companies, ensembles, and individual artists, written for an international readership. The periodical focuses mainly on drama, but it also selectively reports on other areas of theatre (e.g. puppetry, opera, ballet, dance and movement theatre, scenography) and contains information about theatre awards, new Czech plays, festivals, and exhibitions. 

In addition to the department’s regular publication series it also produces encyclopaedic types of publications (e.g. Slovník světového divadla [A dictionary of world theatre], Slovník divadelní antropologie [A dictionary of theatre anthropology], the Czech translation of O. Brockett’s History of the Theatre, the Czech translation of Patrice Pavis’s Dictionary of the Theatre), co-produced titles, and works that do not thematically fit any of the department’s publication series.  


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