Mandatory Public Information

  1. Official name: Arts and Theatre Institute
  2. Form of organisation and reason for founding it: Why and how the ATI was established
  3. Organisational chart: Organisational chart of the ATI 
  4. Contact information: Arts and Theatre Institute, Celetná 17, 110 00 Prague 1. Additional contact information can be found here.
  5. Bank details: Czech national bank, bank account no.: 63838011/0710. Variable symbol of applicants: physical person – birth identification no.; legal person – organisation registration no. (IČ)
  6. Organisation registration number (IČ): 00023205
  7. Tax identification number (DIČ): CZ00023205
  8. Documents: Basic documents on the ATI 
  9. Information requests: How to submit a request for information 
  10.   Appeal procedures: How to submit a request for information 
  11.   Forms:  Request for information, Appeal 
  12.   A list of the most important regulations: Basic documents of the ATI 
  13.   List of fees for providing information: Fees for providing information 
  14.   Annual reports: Annual reports and appendices since the year 2000 are available here
  15.   Advisors and advisory bodies: The ATI’s advisors 

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