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3. 5. 2018

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The ATI and Prague Quadrennial have joined organizations in Europe and express their concern about the planned EU directive, which would put all European theatres into the dark age!

3. 5. 2018

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Three Takes on Czech Puppet Theatre

The exhibition Three Takes on Czech Puppet Theatre starts in Budapest on 11th May at the occasion of the Month of Intangible Cultural Heritage

25. 4. 2018

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Czech Theatre Photography exhibition is coming, it is not for watching only

The first big comprehensive exhibition of photographs depicting the world of Czech theatre Czech Theatre Photography 1859 – 2017 will be on display from 9th May to 24th June 2018. It will present the history of Czech theatre since the birth of photography as well as contemporary works together with the photos taken...

28. 3. 2018

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The ATI to launch new services

The ATI management and representatives presented a new design of the institutional website and the SoundCzech, PeformCzech a projects yesterday. The new portals extend the portfolio of ATI services both abroad and Czech users. The brand new feature is the information portal on mobility, which has...

7. 3. 2018

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Eurosonic Noordeslag 2019 focuses on the Czech Republic and Slovakia

The pro-export SoundCzech office is happy to announce that the prestigious music showcase, festival and conference Eurosonic Noordeslag 2019 will focus on the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In association with the SoundCzech director Márton Náray and Michal Kaščák, the director of the Pohoda festival in Slovakia,...

4. 3. 2018

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The young CzecPerformers showcase 2018 presents the youngest generation of classical music artists

The second Young Czech Performers Showcase takes place on 15th and 16th June 2018 as part of the accompanying program of Leoš Janáček International Music Festival. The showcase offers the performances of the youngest generation of musicians in classical music. The presentations of artists will take place at the...

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