Czech Theatre Photography

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Theatre photographs are a fundamental resource for exploring the history of theatre.

An excellent way of learning about the history of theatre is by exploring it in theatre photography. Our collection of photographs was digitised and made accessible in 2008–2011, and it only then we were able to fully appreciate the enormous informational value of the theatre photographs in our collection, their aesthetic and artistic qualities, and the essential importance of the collection as a whole for understanding our culture and history. We also conducted research in other archives and collections that contain theatre photographs, and this research led not only to the development of an accessible online database, but also to the publication of a book titled Chapters in the History of Czech Theatre Photography (Kapitoly z dějin české divadelní fotografie) and an exhibition called Czech Theatre Photography (Česká divadelní fotografie). This exhibition, which reflected on the entire history of theatre photography (the oldest photograph dates from 1859), also included a competitive Theatre Photography Show, which showcased contemporary work and current trends in the field.


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