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A Czech infopoint supporting international cooperation in the arts.

This project provides people working in the cultural sector with valuable information to help them solve the practical questions that are attached to artistic mobility – for example, questions about taxes, visas, insurance, or contracts. The project is centred on an online information portal, but it also offers consultation and organises workshops.

The Infopoint portal is in Czech and English. It is aimed at Czech artists and managers working in the cultural sector and at international professionals working with Czech artists and organisations.

Czech Infopoint emerged out of the ATI’s many years of cooperation with international networks and partners and was conceived by tapping into their experience with similar projects – for example, DutchCulture/TransArtists, Wales Arts International and MobiCulture. One of our most important partners in this area is On the Move, a network that supports international mobility, and a key international partner for this project in 2017 was the German mobility Infopoint Touring Artists, which is connected with the Berlin ITI centre, whose know-how we drew on directly. The main partner for preparing studies in the Czech Republic is the Fair Art association.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and emerged out of the Concept of Support for the Arts in the Czech Republic for 2015–2025 and specifically Priority Task No. 30, according to which an Infopoint for mobility in the arts is to be established in order to make it easier for Czech artists, theorists, and others working in the cultural sector to travel abroad and for foreign artists and experts to come to the Czech Republic by providing them with information and advice (an objective based on a recommendation of the European Commission). This task is based also on Priority 4, Provision 4.2.1. in the State Cultural Policy.


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