Culture after Quarantine // The Eleventh Edition

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From the first symptoms of the corona-crisis, the information service prepared by the Arts and Theatre Institute has brought you coverage of the extraordinary measures relating to culture and the arts, an overview of events and reactions to the pandemic at home and abroad, and new projects in support of the cultural sector. Apart from the structural measures, it has also mapped the mobilisation and ingenuity of the cultural community in this difficult period.

As the cultural sector reboots, we’ll have a new format too
In this eleventh and final edition of this special newsletter, we bid you farewell with an overview of the regulations for summer cultural events, along with updates on on-going research, open calls and grant programmes.  
For your summer listening pleasure, we’re preparing a podcast devoted to the needs, reflections and visions of contemporary culture and art.
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Information on the current measures

Regulations for organising concerts and festivals in summer 2020

ATIs pro-export music office SoundCzech maintains an overview of regulations for organising music performances, festivals and similar events in indoor and outdoor spaces. They plan to update the list again next month. It can be found here.

Regulations for the entry of foreign nationals in summer 2020

SoundCzechs website also contains information on regulations affecting foreign nationalstravel to the Czech Republic in summer 2020. This information will be regularly updated here.

Preparation of the new State Cultural Policy

On Thursday, 2 July 2020, representatives of the Czech ITI centre, an umbrella association for Czech performing arts organisations, met with with the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Culture's Performing Arts Section regarding the State Cultural Policy, which expires at the end of this year.

Deputy Minister Milan Němeček assured representatives of the Czech ITI Centre that the preparation of the document continues even as the Ministry of Culture is occupied with the administration of the “Saving Culture” package. Also present at the meeting was Jakub Bakula from the Minister’s Cabinet, who is involved in the preparation of the new State Cultural Policy and strategies for the cultural and creative industries. The Ministry of Culture plans to conduct a dialogue concerning the main points of the post-2020 State Cultural Policy, which should be completed within a number of weeks, via a series of roundtables for representatives of individual disciplines; these will be held during the summer months. The Czech ITI Centre has two representatives in the working group (Marta Smolíková, director of Open Society and Yvona Kreuzmannová, director of PONEC Theatre and the TANEC PRAHA festival), through whom it will work to incorporate the performing arts' demands into the new state cultural policy document. These include, for example, the artist’s status that is currently under development and which professional organisations have had the opportunity to comment on in recent months. At the same time, this document will be based on a new inter-ministerial strategy for the cultural and creative industries. The document should have been submitted to an inter-ministerial comment procedure by the end of the year.
Source: ITI website


The impact of the coronavirus on the cultural sector // final monthly data collection /// deadline 3.7 (until 24:00)!

The research team, comprised of representatives from the Department of Arts Management at the University of Economics, the Department of Arts Management at DAMU and ATI, is requesting survey respondents to submit data from May 2020. This is the final monthly data collection. In the next phase, data will be collected on a quarterly basis.

The survey may be accessed here

The aim of the research is to map the longterm impact of the coronavirus pandemic on cultural organisations and also individuals, such that, in the coming years, relevant institutions, professional organisations and researchers will have access to quality background information mapping not only the situation that arose but also the gradual return to normal”. This will make it possible to conduct professional discussions on the basis of facts.

Find up-to-date information and full details of the research, including information about data protection, at


Evaluation of the investigation into the current needs of the Czech performing arts scene as a result of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in relation to ATI’s open calls and programmes.

A survey on the current needs of the Czech performing arts scene as a result of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in connection with ATI’s open calls and programmes was distributed to respondents on 7 April 2020. The evaluation will take into account responses received by 11 May 2020. The goal of the survey was to map the needs of the performing arts sector in relation to the calls and programmes of ATI. Details here.

The performing arts online

The above-mentioned survey on the current needs of Czech performing arts as a result of the pandemic demonstrated that a number of representatives of the Czech dance and theatre sectors lack not only financial resources but also information, skills and know-how.

How to Present the Performing Arts Online?”, a series of online discussions, took place from 8 to 11 June and responded to the new conditions for live art brought about by the government measures introduced due to the pandemic. During the state of emergency, many artists and organisations began to make their work available via digital media. Issues around the accessibility of new artistic content and live broadcasts, as well as of existing recordings or new versions of them, opened up a number of methodological questions, raised concerns about the decline of live productions in the future and placed new demands on artists and cultural workers in the field of performing arts.

The webinar series was recorded and addressed the following topics:

        • Methodologies for recording a theatre performance
        • Editing a recorded theatre performance.
        • The dramaturgy of a recorded theatre performance
        • A guide to digital marketing for theatres and cultural institutions
        • How to subtitle a theatre production?
Extraordinary Calls and Grant Programmes

The government has approved plans for a special grant programme for the cultural and creative industries prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture. It aims to mitigate the negative effects of coronavirus on entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industries in the Czech Republic. It should also contribute to the stabilisation of this sector, create new collaborative partnership models and support the development of the creative economy. At the core of the programme is support for small clubs, festivals, unsubsidised theatres, etc. The assistance should be of a twofold nature: direct financial support and creative vouchers.

Details of the grants and creative vouchers are available here.

Special call to submit grant applications - support for projects in the field of professional art

The Ministry of Cultures Department of Art, Literature and Libraries has announced a special call for applications for support from the 2020 State Budget as part of the Cultural Activities for the Support of Projects in the Field of Professional Art programme. The call has been issued in response to the Czech government’s resolution of 9 April 2020 concerning measures to minimise the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the cultural sector. This competitive grant programme aims to finance the year-round activities of non-subsidised institutions, which are currently facing revenue shortfalls as a result of government measures to limit the spread of COVID-19. The grants are intended to finance basic operational costs due to revenue shortfall and operational losses.

The deadline to submit applications is 15.7.2020. Details here.

Call from the RESHAPE network: alternative models of collaboration in the cultural sector

In response to the pandemic, RESHAPE has announced a call for artists and cultural managers aimed at conceiving alternative models of collaboration in the cultural sector, particularly in relation to innovative approaches to audience engagement.

The call is intentionally issued without a deadline. Details here.

Call for the support of digital distribution in the performing arts

The Creative Europe Culture Desk announces a new call for the support of cross-border circulation and digital distribution of performing arts work. The call concentrates on dance, circus and street arts and has been allocated a budget of 2.5 million euros. The announcement responds to the coronavirus crisis, which had a significant effect on the field of live art and cultural organisations working in this sphere.

The deadline for the call is 31.7.2020. Details here.

Call for musicians: Radio Plugging Campaign

ATIs pro-export music office SoundCzech announces a call to support the playing of Czech works on international radios. The call will select 10 compositions to be presented on European radio stations (eg. Pure FM, Radio Nova, Radio Fritz, Vikerraadio, Radio Tallin and others) as part of the European Radio Plugging Campaign. The campaign will be individually tailored to the selected compositions according to genre, territorial coverage and other parameters. In the first round, compositions will be chosen by SoundCzechs Dramaturgical Board; in subsequent rounds, the radio stations themselves will decide. The selection will take into account the artists prior activity abroad.

The deadline is 31.7.2020.
Details here.

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3. 7. 2020


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