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All artists and cultural professionals across all arts can find help with everyday issues of mobility at the Czech infopoint CzechMobility.Info run by The Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI). The Fair Art Association provides the contemporary visual-arts artists with legal expertise and legal counselling associated with their artistic activities. In cooperation, they organise Fair Art Festival, which, through its speakers, sets legal matters in arts in a global context.

This long-lasting cooperation of CzechMobility.Info and Fair Art gave origin to the international Fair Art Festival, focusing on law in arts, on cultural mobility and art business and market. The festival brought up a series of presentations and workshops with speakers from abroad who dealt with topical issues in the arts, and in 2019, the first edition of the festival hosted Luca Guidobaldi, an expert in intellectual property rights from Rome, who spoke about authorship, artistic freedom and Artificial Intelligence in arts; Matthew Covey, a US lawyer, with his workshop on specific issues connected with entering the US market, and Kathryn E. Wagner who introduced us to the organisation called Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts in New York and how it works.

The second edition of the Fair Art Festival had to be adjourned due to coronavirus pandemic to spring 2021. Nevertheless, we believe that this edition will be even more attractive than the preceding one. Make your wait shorter and watch a video featuring the key moments of the preceding year festival.

"Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts and Fair Art associations are key for the artists’ career because they need the legal support and help so that they can focus on their art," says Kathryn E. Wagner in the video. "I think that the challenges that the artists face are twofold. There is the challenge that they do not know what their rights are, and the other one is that the artists do not believe they can afford the," she acknowledges the efforts of all the stakeholders to provide the contemporary visual artists legal awareness and legal assistance in connection with artistic activities.

CzechMobility.Info provides cultural professionals in the Czech Republic and abroad with comprehensive information services in the area of international art cooperation in the matters such as copyright, taxes, social security and insurance, visa and other matters. It is a member of the European network of info-points run under the auspices of On the Move. The cornerstone of the services forms an information web portal in combination with email and phone consultations, workshops and lectures. Given the present situation, together with our international partners, we strive for restoration of cultural mobility and streamlining of the administrative procedures when crossing the borders.

Fair Art z. s., is a non-governmental non-profit organisation educating visual artists and artistic entities and providing free-of-charge assistance with intellectual property rights (copyright) to anyone who cannot afford such legal services. Its members are convinced that artists and artistic entities deserve and need an open access to law and legal services so that they can be free to concentrate on their art and at the same time so that they can voice and protect their legitimate interests in the society. Since its foundation, Fair Art z.s. has held more than 100 professional presentations and seminars at more than 27 cultural institutions and its lawyers have provided legal assistance in more than 400 cases.

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