Culture after Quarantine #9

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The first newsletter after the quarantine brings information about updated measures, mapping the impacts of the coronacrisis, new projects for arts support, and a list of activities all around Europe.

Information about updated measures
Ministry of Health to ease hygienic measures

The lockdown and ban on staying outside with no respiratory protective equipment do not apply to people carrying out a work (e.g. theatre, dance and music performances) and people participating in the production of audiovisual works or programmes under these conditions:
  • there is at least 2-meter distance between performers and other people conducting activities related to carrying out work, audiovisual work or programmes (hereinafter referred to as “associates”), between artists and viewers, etc. during carrying out work, audiovisual work or programmes; the distance does not have to apply to performers
  • the place of carrying out the work or shooting of an audiovisual work/programme is regularly disinfected. If the spaces are closed, it is necessary to regularly air them.
  • there is hand disinfection for artists and their associates
  • if any artist or associate has a temperature higher than 37 °C or other symptoms of COVID-19 disease, s/he is prohibited from entering the place of carrying out the work, audiovisual work or programme.

The ban does not apply to employees in their offices if they have at least a 2-meter distance from another person.

(Source:, Document Appendix No. 8 of the Resolution of the Government on 18 May 2020 No. 555 and Appendix No. 9 of the Resolution of the Government on 18 May 2020 No. 555)

Information concerning the handling of foreign nationals’ residence-related matters in the territory of the CZ after the end of the state of emergency from 18 May 2020 to 16 July 2020


In connection with the end of the state of emergency, the Ministry of Interior prepared an overview concerning the handling of foreign nationals’ residence-related matters in the territory of the CZ from 18 May 2020 to 16 July 2020. More information here.

Mapping the impacts of the coronacrisis

The research team of the Coronavirus and its Impacts on the Cultural Sector brings the running outputs for March and approaches individuals and representatives of cultural organizations to fill in data for April in the second round of data collection.

Please fill in the data for April – deadline 22 April at midnight

We would like to ask you to fill in your data for April until next Friday 22 May 2020 (midnight). These are additional data for April, thus the questionnaire is considerably shorter for respondents who have already filled in the introductory questionnaire.

You can access the questionnaire here.

Due to this cooperation, we will be able to arrange the goal of the research – to map the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on cultural organizations and individuals in the long run, as well as make sure that all relevant institutions, professional organizations, and researchers have high-quality information that does not map only the current situation, but the gradual return to the normal state of things. Then it will be possible to discuss professional matters based on facts.

Half a billion in losses in less than a month. Coronavirus and its Impacts on Cultural Sector has first results

The first outcomes in the overall statistics focus on the present assessment of impacts on cultural organizations in March. Comprehensive information about the research is available on

Details about the research are updated on the ATI’s website

All details about the research, including information about data protection, are regularly updated on Viktorie Schmoranzová, the coordinator, passes questions and comments about performing arts to the research team (

We have launched mapping the impacts on literature

The questionnaire for the field of literature was launched on 21 May 2020 due to popular demand. The questionnaire was prepared by the ATI team and representatives of literature and is a part of the extensive research related to the impacts of the current COVID-19 crisis.

It is a one-time data collection with possible repetition in the second half of this year based on feedback and development of the affairs. The questionnaire has three versions as it aims at individuals, commercial and non-profit organizations. It contains a lot of questions, which, apart from the losses, can help detailed mapping of operation, economics, and systemic needs of the literal sector and comparison with other art disciplines. If you do not have enough capacity and knowledge to fill in all fields, we will appreciate filling at least some of those that are interesting for you or those you know answers to – as well as mandatory fields with the asterisk* (there are only several of them).

The one-time questionnaire for literature can be accessed

Deadline: 21 May – 22 June 2020 (midnight)

Should you have any questions, please contact the coordinator of the research for the field of literature Viktor Debnár

New projects to support art

Ministry of Culture in association with the ATI announces the competitive grant scheme to support making art accessible through digital media

The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic in association with the ATI announces the Extraordinary Call to Support Making Art Accessible through Digital Media. The Ministry’s call with a budget of 30 million focuses on the interdisciplinary connection between live art and the audience through new technologies. The aim is to create and present cultural content for subjects in the sector of contemporary arts – theatre, dance, contemporary circus, visual art, literature, and multimedia platforms.

The deadline is 15 June, more information here.

Organizers of cultural events can provide their customers with vouchers instead of refunding their tickets

The act initiated by the Minister of Culture Lubomír Zaorálek has come into force. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, it provides the organizers with the possibility to offer a voucher the customers can use for a substitute event or the same event on a different day and time, instead of refunding the ticket that has been already paid. People can ask the organizers for vouchers for events with the expected performance date up to 31 October 2020.

New form

The ATI organizes the virtual exhibition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Czech scenographer Josef Svoboda’s birth

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the most famous Czech scenographer -- Josef Svoboda (1920–2002) – the Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI) has organized the exhibition entitled Josef Svoboda 100, which presents more than thirty of the most technically and artistically important Czech and foreign productions he participated in staging.

The exhibition Josef Svoboda 100, which was originally planned as a traveling exhibition, recapitulates more than thirty of the technically and artistically most important Czech and international productions that Josef Svoboda staged over a period
of almost sixty years in collaboration with the most famous Czech and foreign directors.
The structure of the thirty-minute virtual exhibition maps the individual periods of Svoboda’s work both chronologically and thematically – starting with his artistic beginnings at the 5th of May Theatre and his collaboration with Alfréd Radok, including the international success enjoyed at EXPO 58 and the phenomenon known as Laterna Magika, as well as the peak era of his work with stage director Otomar Krejča at the National Theatre, and ending with his technical experiments at prominent theatres around the world – including Covent Garden in London, the Metropolitan Opera in New York, and the Ancient Theatre of Orange. The exhibition culminates with a reminder of the production of Goethe’s Faust at the Estates Theatre in Prague.

The virtual exhibition is accessible at

The list of activities in Europe

Czech and European culture in quarantine

European Commission in the Czech Republic and EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy in cooperation with Europe Direct Czech Republic, Eurocenter Prague, Creative Europe, and GoOut organize the discussion Café Europe online: Czech and European Culture in Quarantine on 21 May at 5:30. Live streaming (and the recording) will be available here. The guests will be Karel Barták, the former coordinator of Creative Europe and the head of the department at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Education and Culture and the researcher for EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and Zlata Holušová, the director of the festival Colours of Ostrava. The moderator will be Tereza Willoughby – the head of the Section of Culture in Czech Television.

Europe needs to restart the creative sector

The ATI portal Creative Czechia presents the translation of the official statement and the summary of the research of the independent organization European Creative Business Network (ECBN) on the current situation when cultural and creative industries (CCI) are hit by the impacts of the measures taken against the spread of covid-19. The collection of data from cultural and creative actors took place since the beginning of April. The document puts CCI data and needs in the context and points out that a successful restart is a right way to open and sustainable Europe. The article is here.

Research of impacts in artistic residencies

Res Artis, the worldwide network of artistic residencies, cooperates with UCL (University College London) and performs the research evaluating the actual impact of COVID-19 in artists’ residential programs. The research is open to all members of the international artistic community.

Initiatives of European networks and organizations

European Cultural Foundation & Culture Action Europe
European Cultural Foundation & Culture Action Europe published a statement for the European Commission about the topic “The Future of Culture and Creative Sectors in Europe after COVID-19”. They emphasize the importance of initiatives and measures performed by cities, provinces, European Commission, member states, and sectors of culture and creative economics.

Creatives Unite
The new European Commission platform Creatives Unite offers joint space for everyone looking for information, sources, and other networks and organizations in cultural and creative space reacting to the coronacrisis.

European Cultural Foundation
European Cultural Foundation’s statement about Europe Day 2020. The European sense of togetherness and solidarity is now more important than ever before. European Cultural Foundation created a website on the occasion of Europe Day, where it presents Europe through stories, videos, films, podcasts, research, artworks, documentaries, campaigns, performances, discussions, etc.

Culture Action Europe
The statement of Culture Action Europe supporting the movement Culture 2030 Goal as related to the involvement in the UN agenda by 2030. The goal of Culture 2030 Goal is to invite UN sectors, local and national governments, and other participants to act in favor of culture being the focal point in future societies.

Open calls

European Cultural Foundation
European Cultural Foundation, Eleusis 2021 partner organization, has released the second open call of the Culture of Solidarity Fund. The programme supports original cultural initiatives strengthening solidarity in Europe in the crisis and the idea of common public space. The deadline for applications is 14 July 2020.

Civic Europe
Civic Europe is an incubator of new ideas for organizations and individuals in Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe. It supports organizations of civic society at a local level. It provides grants up to 50,000 EUR and mentors up to 15 ideas of local initiatives.

Are you interested in national minorities’ cultural events or do you organize an intercultural event yourself? Are you a foreigner and are you looking for Czech language courses and other seminars presenting life in the Czech Republic? Are you interested in human rights? Follow the ATI portal to know more about the intercultural dialogue in the Czech Republic.

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