Arts Institute Academy educates the representatives of selected cultural organizations and the public

The first lecture of this year’s Arts Institute Academy opened the third edition of the event in May. The educational program designed to enhance skills (strategic planning, marketing, leadership, fundraising, project management, creative thinking) necessary for effective management of cultural organizations takes place from May to November 2018 in Prague.

This year’s Academy seemed to be very popular as 37 cultural organizations across fields and types participated in the selection procedure. The Arts and Theatre Institute committee (Pavla Petrová, Eva Žáková, Magdalena Müllerová, Ondřej Svoboda, Táňa Švehlová and Irena Swiecicki) paid regard to several points of view: diverse representation of fields, the extensive geographical coverage, even distribution of organizations according to the type and size, but primarily motivation and selection of the participants. In addition, the new team of the music export agency Sound Czech (ATI project) will take part in this year’s Academy as well.

The following cultural organizations have been selected to participate in the Arts Institute Academy for cultural managers in 2018:

  • BuranTeatr
  • Cooltour Ostrava
  • Drak Theatre and International Institute of Figurative Theatre
  • Impuls Hradec Králové, the center for the support of artistic activities
  • Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín
  • Kredance z.s.
  • Muzeum Beskyd Frýdek-Místek
  • Muzeum Cheb
  • Opavská kulturní organizace
  • Praha 14 kulturní
  • Regional Museum in Teplice
  • Sladovna Písek
  • SoundCzech

Apart from closed workshops, the Academy organizes lectures for the general public focused on branding, communication and leadership or working with cultural project donors. The next lecture and discussion Strategick Thinking and Planning with Irena Swiecicki takes place on 18th June. All information about planned lectures can be found on the website of the Arts Institute Academy.



11. 6. 2018


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