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Since 2016 the ATI has performed extensive research of Czech dance and related fields. It publishes the data in the “Czech Dance in Data” edition. Many interesting findings was the impulse for the authors to organize a conference where figures of ballet, contemporary dance, nonverbal theatre and contemporary circus meet other professionals.

The aim of the conference is to elicit and moderate the discussion with three basic topics:

  • Education vs. practice
  • An artist as an employee vs. an artist as a freelancer
  • Dance and health – compensation of occupational hazards, health protection, insurance

Panels should host representatives of educational institutions and practice – the key figures of the genres. The program will be available soon as well as speakers.

The price for participation is 100 CZK.


The main organizers are Jana Návratová and Roman Vašek, who have been systematically engaged in research of Czech dance since 2006. They are going to present the outputs of the last one at the conference. Jana Návratová works in the ATI as a specialist in the field of dance and supervises research projects concerning the analysis of the dance sector. She is also a journalist, manager and art curator. Roman Vašek works as an ATI bibliographer, yet he is intensively concerned with criticism and journalism in ballet as well as the social and economic situation of dancers in the Czech Republic.

Veronika Štefanová and Alexej Byček are co-authors of the research edition Czech Dance in Data. Veronika Štefanová works in Czech Radio Vltava and specializes in performative arts. She is also devoted to research and reflections of contemporary circus and she works in the center for contemporary circus CIRQUEON as the editor-in-chief of the circus on-line magazine and the head of the library. She elaborated the study dedicated to Czech contemporary circus in the Czech Dance in Data edition. Alexej Byček graduated from the Pantomime Department at HAMU and is a PhD student of Theatre Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. His principal interest in practical, critical and theoretical reflections is pantomime, with an overlap to physical theatre and clownery. He works as a producer of Mime Fatale and Mime Club. His study deals with the situation of non-verbal theatre. Both authors will have a presentation with key findings.

Another important figure of Czech dance at the conference is Daniela Machová, the director of Taneční aktuality. She will be the presenter of the conference block dedicated to the job of a dancer – she published an extensive study with this topic. What does she think is the most pressing issue? “Czech dance can develop and get acknowledged in Czech society only if it gets criticism and feedback. What really troubles me is that the role of dance criticism among artists is so underrated.”

The language of the conference is Czech.


Type of event

Date and time

19. 9. 2018 10:00 - 19. 9. 2018 17:00


Institut umění
Arts Institute


Contact Person

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Jana Návratová

+420 224 809 103
+420 739 094 750

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