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Theatre and theatre artists tried to enforce social changes, they were close to the pivotal moments of Czech history, they helped form, cultivate and implement the Czech language and culture, and they have succeeded in directly influencing the political development of the state on the way to democracy a few times.

Czech theatre photography has a long and strong tradition going back to the roots of the art of photography in the middle of the 19th century. In the second half of the 20th century, it developed into the independent and distinctive genre and achieved renown. The first compendious exhibition of theatre photographs presents various forms of theatre and its changes in the past 170 years. In the historical part, in which it presents the most significant acts in this genre from the beginning to the decline of classical analogous photographs, has its basis in extensive collections of both institutions and other public and private collections. Contemporary production is presented in the second part of the exhibition called the Showcase of Contemporary Theatre Photography. The exhibition organized by the Arts and Theatre Institute in cooperation with the National Museum offers an extensive accompanying program as well.

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9. 5. 2018 0:00 - 24. 6. 2018 0:00


Obecní dům (nám. Republiky 5, Praha 1)


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