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Who are the today’s teenagers? What do they do? What they like (and dislike)? Are they all the
same or they differ? And if they differ, in what way? What are their needs? What do they do after
school? How do they decide what to do? How do they communicate? What drives them? What are
the challenges they are facing? What are they dreaming of?
And also...
Do they attend? Do they participate? What does it even mean “to participate in culture” nowadays?
How it might change in the future? Is your/our perception of “participation” the same as the
And what is the better way to do it if not ask the source: the teenagers.


AUDIENCE.LAB is a signature workshop of Impact Foundation.
AUDIENCE.LAB was created to give culture professionals a chance to experience audience
development principles live = in practice, in real time.
It is based on three-stage scheme of work: DISCOVERING, DESIGNING, COMMUNICATING.
In a safely arranged environment, you will have a chance to practice on actual teenagers (whom
we will invite to join us for the workshop).

We will bring our minds and skills together to:

‣ first, get to try to understand teenagers a little bit better,
‣ than, design an offer for them & construct a communicate presenting our idea,
‣ and at the end: check if we have succeeded (: Why, if we have? / Why, if we haven’t?).


For any culture professional* who might need an injection of positive energy, inspiration and
different perspective.
* It doesn’t matter is you are an artist, curator, manager, marketer, technician. It doesn’t matter if
you work with music, visual art, theatre, dance or circus. It also doesn’t matter, if you work for big
public institution, small NGO, creative enterprise or you’re a freelancer.
The more diverse the group the merrier!


- What is (and what can be) audience development.
- How to ask questions to find the answers we are looking for.
- How to analyse and use obtained information in practice.
- How to translate it into action: both programming and communication.
We can promise to be intensive, practical and... FUN!



First, what you need to know, is that our organisation is called IMPACT for a reason. That’s what is
important to us. We exist to make culture professionals (and culture organisations) happier:)
It also translates into our approach to audience development.
The most relevant definition of audience development for us is the one saying “that it is both a
process and a philosophy which requires placing audience in the heart of everything organisation
So, audience development - in the way we understand it - is about impact: on the way you think,
work, plan, on you and your organisation (in long-term!) and - as a result - on your audiences.
And yes, it can be about growing your audiences (in terms of numbers) but it can as well be about
something else, e.g. developing stronger relationship with your current, existing audience, reaching
out to a specific segment.
We’re going to demystify the audience development concept in order to understand it and use it in
the best possible way. We will take a look at existing tools, give them new meaning and purpose at
the same time searching for new creative solutions.
We believe in tailor-made approach. We focus, listen and respond to specific needs of
organisations we work with. And that’s exactly what we’re planning to do in Prague!


Agata Etmanowicz
#audiencedevelopment #impactaudience #culturalworker #processornotatrainer #dreamer
#socialusefulness #people #timeproduction #thereisnostrategywhitoutdreams #thinkingbig
#keepingitreal #importantandmoreimportantthings #fun!:)
She’s been working “in culture” for whole her life. Had a chance to look at culture sector from
different perspectives: culture policy maker, advocate, advisor and mentor, manager, curator,
technical producer.
She helps people/organisations with finding out what is really important for them and turning
dreams into actions. Believes that good strategy can fit into one page, each
person/organisation/company is different so there’s no such a thing like universal solutions and
that process of proper rethinking is more important than written documents.
She’s going to ask a lot of questions. Listen to you. Help you process and come up with solutions
and new ideas. She’s definitely going to make you work.
Are you up for a challenge?

Type of event


Date and time

11. 6. 2019 9:30 - 11. 6. 2019 17:00


Město Moře, Přístavní 7, Praha 7

Entrance fee

750 CZK


Institut umění



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