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The Video Library contains audiovisual recordings of productions of plays, operas, ballets, and alternative performances, and programmes dedicated to important figures in the theatre and television and film documentaries relating to theatre. The entire library collection is catalogued and can be accessed via the on-line catalogue.

Within the institute the Video Library is part of the Information and Documentation Department. Audiovisual recordings can be used in the reading rooms of the ATI by researchers and anyone else interested. They are available for study purposes only and cannot be borrowed or copied.

The Video Library’s services are provided free of charge to all researchers who register with the Theatre Institute. Unregistered visitors are welcome to use the Video Library but must pay a fee for individual services. (See the ATI’s List of Fees)

Video Library services:

Screening audiovisual recordings

Audiovisual recordings can only be used on the premises of the ATI. They cannot be borrowed or copied. The library’s maximum capacity for a screening is three researchers. In the case of a larger group, it is possible with advance notice to organise a screening in the ATI’s small hall.

The Virtual Study

The entire catalogue of recordings in the Video Library can be accessed through the Virtual Library. The catalogue contains basic information on each audiovisual programme (the title, author, creative team, the source of the recording, the year it was made, and length). The recordings themselves are not available on-line.


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