Czech Theatre Photography exhibition is coming, it is not for watching only

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The first big comprehensive exhibition of photographs depicting the world of Czech theatre Czech Theatre Photography 1859 – 2017 will be on display from 9th May to 24th June 2018. It will present the history of Czech theatre since the birth of photography as well as contemporary works together with the photos taken by the finalists of the competition for the best theatre photograph.

The exhibition Czech Theatre Photography will have an extensive accompanying program everybody can choose from. Thematic workshops, seminars, lectures, guided tours or Vanda Hybnerová’s photo studio are prepared as well. The program for amateur and professional photographs offers lectures and outdoor workshops. Photographer Viktor Kronbauer will take us on the tour to the stage and backstage of the Plum Yard in Malovice (South Bohemia), the seat of Continuo Theatre. We will also try how it feels to take a photo of dance with dance photographer Vojta Brtnický, who says about his style: “Dance is darker, wilder and more unpredictable than theatre. Dance shooting requires more adaptation than creativity.” Everyone interested in theatre photography, who wants to improve in taking theatre photographs, may enroll in the workshop.

The exhibition also has the smallest audiences in mind, thus creative workshops are prepared for them right next to interactive installations. On Mother’s and Father’s Day, they will be able to make their own camera inspired by camera obscura, take picture of their parent and develop the picture in the darkroom. Other creative workshops focused on children and seniors are organized by the ATI in cooperation with Freecinema or the Prague City Gallery.

During the six weeks of the exhibition, there will be three guided tours with the curators Anna Hejmová and Vojtěch Poláček, who are going to focus on various topics – The Phenomenon of Theatre Photography, The Story behind the Photograph or Theatre History.

All information about the exhibition and the accompanying program can be found on or on the Facebook page

The exhibition is organized by the Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI) in cooperation with the National Museum.


25. 4. 2018


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