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We are announcing that the Digital Archive of the 15th edition of PQ will be available for the 11-day Festival Pass holders and for purchase on 18 August.

We will be sending individual links with e-mail addresses that will generate a unique password for the PQ digital content. Please, save this password as you will not be able to change it in the future!

For those interested in the Digital Archive only, it will be available for purchase via the ATI e-shop Prospero for 70 euros.

The material in the Digital Archive will include recordings of most of the PQ Talks, filmings of 4 PQ Performances and 1 performance of PQ Studio Stage*, a unique 360° video documentation of all the exhibition spaces, as well as additional video presentations by authors of the books entered in the Best Publication Award and projects of the Performance Space Exhibition.

Stay tuned!

*Recordings of performances will be added to the archive during August and September 2023.

Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space

Since 1967, once every four years, PQ explores the artistic areas of scenography, performance design and space within all their aspects - from scenic art, costume, lighting and sound design, and performance space architecture to side-adaptive performance, applied scenography or costume as a performance. The core of the festival’s idea is to present contemporary performance design as a self-sufficient art form, acting upon the human imagination through all the senses - sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. PQ traditionally hosts artists from more than a hundred countries and is the most important event of its kind in the world.

Performance design/scenography has evolved substantially and expanded far beyond established theatre conventions. Models, sketches of designs, and performance photographs still remain excellent resources that map the minds and open the door to the imagination of their creators. On the other hand, these formats capture only one part of the creative process and tell us little about the environment, circumstances, emotions, and overall atmosphere of the performance. The one way to present scenography in its genuine form, comprising all of its parts and including audience participation, is to experience it live, in performative settings and curatorial environments that create or recreate its operations.

The present-day practice of performance design/scenography is one of the most exciting art forms and creative domains – in the innovative, fresh and holistic ways of engaging their audiences, participants, and the public.


9. 8. 2023


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