Milli Janatková has received the American Independent Music Award

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The song Mothers’ Magic written by a distinctive singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, designer and teacher Milli Janatková received the Independent Music Award - Vox Populi in the A Capella category. The journey to the USA was supported by the ATI as part of the Go and See – Short-term Mobility program.

“I am happy it is the Vox Populi award. People seem to be interested in the story of the song, they are touched by it, it is topical. The conference and the showcase, getting to know musicians from various countries in New York was great experience. I am happy I had the chance to meet excellent musician with Czech roots Lenka Lichtenberg – we are birds of a feather. I am looking forward to upcoming concerts and openings of my exhibitions,” says Janatková.

The song Mothers’ Magic is recorded on the album To My Roots released in 2017. The record was nominated for Classic Prague Awards in the Crossover category. The story of the song Mothers’ Magic touches upon the topics of forgiveness and support of the affectionate relationship with a family, it inspires to open and deal with family taboos, war and socialistic traumas and suppressed emotions.

The Independent Music Awards cover an international conference, a gathering and announcement of the winners. The two-day event offers discussions, networking, a showcase of independent music and art from the USA, Europe and the Pacific. The announcement took place in the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York.

Milli Janatková is going to perform a solo on 8th September 2018 at the World Fest in Železnice (Café Terasy), on 9th October in Varnsdorf and on 10th October in Rumburk with her Quintet at the Czech – German festival Mandava Jazz. The project To My Roots was successfully supported at Hithit, by the Mělník municipality and the State Fund of Culture of the Czech Republic. The journey to the USA was supported by the ATI (the Go and See – Short-term Mobility program).



13. 8. 2018


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