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International seminar on the current state of art criticism. Organised by the Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI) in cooperation with the Arts Council Norway and supported by the EEA/Norway Financial Mechanism.

The international seminar focused on current challenges of art criticism:

Do artists, audiences and general public need criticism?; What are the specific features of various media types?; How new technologies influence criticism?; Is it possible to strategically support art criticism?

The aim of the seminar was to discuss the state of the art criticism in the Czech Republic, and to share the knowledge and opinions with the participants from Norway and other European countries as the beginning of the broader European dialogue on how to support the art criticism.

Seminar programme 

Materials for the participants 

Record: Introductory presentations 

Record: Summary of the discussions


The report on the course and outputs of the art criticism international conference

Josef Herman: Seminář o umělecké kritice, Divadelní noviny, 1. 10. 2017. Online:
English translation 

Aljaž Koprivinikar: Criticism between social bubble and the public

Jakub Škorpil: Czech Grumbling and Norwegeian Dreaming 

The project was supported by

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Date and time

22. 9. 2017 0:00


22 September 2017, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Poupětova 1, Prague 7


Institut umění
Arts Institute

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