Focal Point: Sustainability as the Way of Existence

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We cordially invite you to the international conference Focal Point: Sustainability as the Way of Existence, which we are organizing in collaboration with ATI – Arts and Theatre Institute and Studio ALTA on September 12 – 13, 2023. The conference will offer inspiration, successful case studies, and creative solutions on how to approach sustainability in cultural practice.

On the first day you can look forward to keynotes by international guests Caitlin Southwick (Ki Culture, NL) and Ben Twist (Creative Carbon Scotland, UK), followed by thematic panel discussions. Filip Koryta aka Dr. Filipitch will guide you through the conference part and talks. In the evening, ten organizations will present examples of good practice during TALKS. On the second day we have prepared three practical workshops for you.

Seats are limited in Studio ALTA, where the conference will take place. Do not hesitate and buy your ticket today.


Sustainability is a concept that all of us who work in the field of culture have certainly encountered more than once. Whether in grant applications, where we must fill in how sustainability translates into our work, or in practice, where, for example, recycling bins are standard at most cultural events and in the premises of most cultural organisations. But sustainability is not just about ecology and nature protection.

During the conference called Focal Point: Sustainability as the Way of Existence, we will explore the topic of sustainability in a much broader context, one that is connected to our everyday work. We believe that sustainability should become a way of life, where we are able to see the connections between quality cultural production, avoiding burnout for management and the whole team, and where an ecological approach to work goes hand in hand with social responsibility and economic stability.   

What does a staff in a cultural organisation need to perform well at their work? Is it sufficient funding and a loyal audience? Or is there more to our work? For example, to become an example for others because we are interested in issues that go beyond culture, such as an empathetic management approach in direct connection with environmental responsibility and our future. What do we need to re-prioritize and include in our practice more than artistic quality and originality, or formally correct project objectives? 

How do we bring public officials into the game? How can they help the sector meet sustainability criteria or consider new societal trends? Can civil servants become real partners and is there open space for change? 

What can we do as individuals when the world is dominated by corporations and political decisions? We hope to inspire you and offer solutions to make sustainability the norm. It’s up to each of us.

You can find more information about the event on the Creative Europe website.


Contact Person

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Radka Lím Labendz

Creative Europe Desk Czech Republic – Culture Office

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