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The digitisation of materials in the library’s collection in need of preservation.

The library has a project to preserve the most vulnerable titles in its collection by digitisation them. Kramerius is the name of the system used to present digitised materials online, and the same system is used by a number of other libraries (e.g. the Czech national Library and the Municipal Library in Prague).

The materials in the Kramerius digital library are divided into monographs and periodicals and can be browsed alphabetically by title or author’s name. It is also possible to search for materials using standard search criteria such as title, author, publisher, and so forth. All full texts can be accessed by users on the premises of the ATI. For copyright reasons only some full texts can be accessed by users outside the ATI.

As well as accessing the digital library directly users can also click their way into Kramerius from the online Library Catalogue, where a hyperlink reading Digitised is displayed next to those entries turned up in a search that have already been digitised. By clicking on the hyperlink the user is taken to the corresponding entry in Kramerius.

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