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Artists are one of the most vulnerable groups of society during the war as they don’t have any opportunity to continue their working practice and sometimes even fulfill their basic needs. In the list presented below, you can find information about various foundations and other organizations which are providing support to artists from Ukraine who stayed in their homeland, as well as those who fled to various European countries. Here you can find options for individual financial support, mobility and residency programs, cultural programs, work search instruments and scholarships and educational offers.

Please note that the options presented below are being updated in accordance with the current situation and may change.




  • Divadlo Minor, Prague
    • NEčtení (NONreading). An interactive fairy tale-reading event for Ukrainian children aged 6 to 9. Reservation necessary – book HERE.
    • NEdivadlo (NONtheatre). A regular drama class led by theatre directors from Kyiv and Kharkiv for Ukrainian children aged 6 to 14. Reservation necessary – book HERE.
    • Contact: (Yevgenia Fedorova)
  • Divadlo S+H, Prague
    • Tickets for Ukrainian citizens for a symbolic 1 CZK; applies for all weekday plays before noon.
    • Contact:
  • Divadlo Na Zábradlí, Prague
    • Now offering added tickets for plays to Ukrainian fine arts students under the initiative founded by DAMU.
    • The theatre regularly offers accommodation for “emergency sleepovers” to Ukrainian families and small groups, who have just arrived in the Czech republic or who are currently looking for permanent accommodation.
    • Contact:
  • Švandovo divadlo, Prague
    • Offering free entry for Ukrainian fine arts students and teachers based on an agreement with DAMU.
  • Karlín Music Theatre, Prague
    • Offering unsold tickets for children’s plays to Ukrainian families.
    • Contact:
  • Divadlo pod Palmovkou, Prague
    • Offering discounted tickets to Ukrainian fine arts students.
  • DOX – the Platform for Contemporary Art, Prague
    • Open workshops for Ukrainian children aged 6 to 15 – every Friday from 3:30pm to 5:30 pm.
    • Contact:
  • Czech Dance Platform, Prague
    • Free tickets for plays at Ponec Theatre; free entry to the public Contemporary dance lessons, to the Children’s Studio, and the Motion and Vocal workshops for the elderly.
  • National Moravia-Silesian Theatre, Ostrava
    • Tickets to all plays for Ukrainians for a symbolic 1 CZK until the end of the season. Further recommending interesting plays with no language barrier from the theatre’s repertoire.

Galleries and Creative workshops

  • National Gallery Prague
    • Offering special tours with commentary in Ukrainian.
    • Regular entry fee with a 50 % discount for Ukrainians; applies to all current exhibitions and collections.
  • The Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava
    • Offering free entry to exhibitions, off-programme events, and creative workshops in Ukrainian.
  • In the Footsteps of Statues for Ukrainian children
    • The educational sheet In the Footsteps of Statues (Po stopách soch/Cлідами скульптур) is published in cooperation with the Brno House of Arts, the Brno Architectural Manual and the Tourist Information Centre.

Museums and Memorials

  • The Vyšehrad National Cultural Monument, Prague
    • Offering entry tickets to all Ukrainian citizens for a symbolic 1 CZK; this applies to the Historical Vyšehrad exhibition in the Gothic cellar, to the Vyšehrad Gallery, and to the casemates and the Gorlice hall.
    • Offering a discounted entry fee to all in-house events for families with children and to music evenings in the Old Burgrave’s House.
    • Offering free use of the Old Burgrave’s House hall to organized groups of schoolchildren and teachers from Ukraine.
  • Museums for Ukraine
    • Providing information about special events and programme for both children and adults from Ukraine.
    • Contact:




  • European Cultural Emergency Program for Ukraine, EU countries
    • The Culture of Solidarity Fund supports European cultural and solidarity initiatives aimed at Ukraine ,active mainly in the following fields:
      • Maintaining independent (cultural) media reporting and supporting
        transparent, trustworthy and secure (digital) media platforms.
      • Securing and providing cultural areas for protection and refuge within
        Ukraine, as well as areas for refugee artists and cultural professionals
        in exile.
      • Initiating artistic projects and productions which foster hope for a
        peaceful future for Ukraine and all of Europe.
      • Please send a short description of the activities and explicatory
        statement with the requested funding sum
  • EMERGENCY ARTIST GRANT, Ukraine Emergency Fund for performative artists in Ukraine, Ukraine
    • A grant for artists in need of emergency assistance in Ukraine for
      securing their safety and the implementation of art projects (financial assistance).
    • Aiming at theatre and dance artist still in Ukraine.
    • Ruban Production ITP providing one-time emergency charitable assistance sum of 8.000 UAH (approximately 250 EUR) to all Ukrainian independent artists (dance and theater) still in Ukraine, at their request.
    • For theatre and dance artist, who are now in Ukraine.
  • Culture of Solidarity Fund – Ukraine special edition, Europian countries
    • Fund supporting short-term or mid-term European cultural initiatives in the following areas: disinformation/misinformation, propaganda filter bubbles, fake news, ongoing war ‘infodemic’ through supporting independent, alternative, and trusted European (digital) media; providing and nourishing safe cultural spaces for individuals fleeing their homes and looking for shelter in exile or in Ukraine; counteracting forces of fragmentation through artistic and cultural expressions that provide hope to withstand the harsh realities of war and to act for a peaceful future of Ukraine and Europe.
    • Aiming at individuals, collectives and organizations from all sectors and the civil society at large.
  • Artists in war, Ukraine
    • Program supporting and encouraging artists to return to artistic work and become voices of the society that is living through the most devastating times.
    • One-time financial support to artists and curators art fields (theater, music, cinema, visual arts) who are active in their sector and can reflect on the time of war in their works.
  • enCast, EU countries
    • Full and free access for Ukrainian actors to the casting resources and jobs to help them find acting work in Europe.
  • Arts for Ukraine, European countries
    • Program providing artists with individual contacts and institutions with information about shelter, professional, or educational help possibilities.
  • Artists at Risk assistance programme, all countries
    • Providing assistance to artists fleeing from Ukraine. All art professionals with Ukrainian citizenship or residency may apply – including curators, critics, theorists, e.g. – for emergency temporary relocation and hosting.
  • Museums support Ukraine, European countries
    • Network of European museum organizations provides options for work placement, studying, scholarships and accommodation for professionals in the sphere of cultural heritage. There is also a separate support for museums in terms of salvaging collections on-site and offering storage place for collections.
    • For museums, individuals working in the museums and students.
  • Accomodation and Work for film industry professionals from Ukraine, Bulgaria
    • Offered by B2Y productions and Nu Boyana film studios.
  • Romanian Solidarity Action for Ukrainian Artists – for artists in the areas of any disciplines, Romania
    • Association of Romanian Contemporary Art Galleries offering accommodation and financial support.
    • Each artist will be supported according to their individual needs. There will be no formal obligations, but the organization is ready to support specific artistic practice in any possible way.
  • Cooperation with the National Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw, Warsaw
    • National Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw is offering cooperation with Polish cultural institutions to artists from Ukraine now staying in Poland.
  • Mentorship programme for artists from Ukraine, Latvia
    • Latvian Contemporary Art organizations offering support and mentorship to colleagues - artists and culture professionals arriving to Latvia due to the war.
  • Jobs For Designers And Developers Affected By The War In Ukraine, all countries
    • Website providing job opportunities for office and remote work for designers.
  • Creative Shelter, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria 
  • Documenting Ukraine
    • The project seeking to facilitate its work by supporting journalists, scholars, artists, public intellectuals, and archivists based in Ukraine as they work on documentation projects establishing and preserving a factual record through reporting, gathering published source material, or collecting oral testimony – as well as bringing meaning to events through artistic interpretation and intellectual reflection.
      • construction of a complex archive of materials created and collected by project participants, and the presentation of these materials to the public, in cooperation with partner institutions including the Center for Urban History (Lviv)
    • initial phase: one-time project grants of 5.000 EUR
      • awarded via  two possible channels::
        • through recommendation of a member of the IWM community 
        • bythrough open application (see below)
    • contact:
  • ARTery
    • Ever-growing network of available jobs open to artists and creative industry professionals fleeing war.
    • An independent initiative of ARTmania Festival (Romania), Music Export Ukraine (Ukraine) and Pohoda Festival (Slovakia) aims to provide viable options to counter the effects of war and Covid by redirecting temporarily displaced Ukrainian creative professionals to teams where they are needed and welcome.

If you're aware of similar long-term help for Ukrainian cultural sector professionals or if you're able to provide such help yourself, please reach out to us at

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