Ph.D. Mgr. Denisa Šťastná

Name and surname: Denisa Šťastná 
Degree: Ph.D., Mgr.

Department: Collections and Archive Department 
Telephone: +420 224 809 190

Denisa Šťastná is a theatre researcher specializing in scenography, theatre photography, and archive. Since 2009 she has been the head of the Collections and Archive Department. She is also engaged in editing.


2003, Master’s Degree, Faculty of Arts, Palacký University in Olomouc (Department of Theatre and Film Studies)

2017, Ph.D., Faculty of Arts and Philosophy (Institute of Historical Sciences)

Professional résumé

2006 – 2009 Information and Documentation Department, curator

2009 –  present, head of the Collections and Archive Department, curator

Specialization and research

2014 - present – head of the book series Personalities of Czech Scenography (Josef Jelínek, Jan Vančura Irena Greifová, Iva Němcová, Karel Glogr, and others) 

2017 – editor of the monograph VIKTOR KRONBAUER – THEATRE PHOTOGRAPHY, Theatre Newspaper Award for the Book of the Year

2018 – editor of the monograph KAREL GLOGR

2018, 2020 – coordinator of the Theatre Photography Showcase

2008 – present – curator and organizer of exhibitions (To Break the Space /Mapping the Boundary Design, Transformations: Theatre Designers at the Turn of the Millennium, When Theatre Posters Were Art; chamber monograph exhibitions: Jan Vančura, Irena Marečková, Marta Roszkopfová, Luboš Hrůza, Viktor Kronbauer, and others).


2003 – International Theatre Studies Conference “About Theatre in Moravia and Silesia” in Olomouc

2010 –SIBMAS conference – Connecting Points: Performing Arts Collections uniting past and future), presentation of the ATI Scenographic Collection.


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Bibliography of books

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