European Route of Historic Theatres

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Mapping and promoting important historic theatres in Europe.

The aim of the European Route of Historic Theatres (ERHT) project was to map, describe, and promote historic theatres in Europe through an online database, exhibitions, conferences, and information campaigns, and to support the interest in tourism to these sites. An important part of this project involved building contacts between historic theatres and sharing experiences.

The ERHT project was led by PERSPECTIV – Association of Historic Theatres in Europe. Around 120 European historic theatres became a part of this broadly conceived project in 2012–2017. The project is divided into individual stages or ‘routes’ that are defined by geographic, historical, and cultural factors. Each of the nine co-organising partners was responsible for one route. The ATI was responsible for the Emperor Route, which includes theatres in the Czech Republic, Austria, and Slovakia.

The unique multilingual database of theatre architecture operated by the ATI richly contributed to the project.

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Ondřej Svoboda

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