Czech Theatre Magazine

Czech Theatre (launched in 1991) is an annual journal published in English. Its mission is to promote Czech theatre abroad. From 1991 to 1998 the journal was a bilingual English-French publication and since 1999 it has been published entirely in English. It presents information on award-winning stage productions, successful theatres, important events in the latest theatre season, and artistic trends and important figures in contemporary Czech theatre. Its regular ‘Notebook’ section contains information about Czech theatre awards, abstracts of new Czech plays, statistics relating to Czech theatre, and much more.

Retrospectively, the series of now thirty-three issues of the journal comprises a thorough selection of the most important developments and events in Czech theatre since 1990, and in English is accessible to anyone interested in contemporary Czech theatre and its recent history. Each issue of the journal is richly illustrated (with around 100 photographs) and is approximately 80–100 pages in length.

ISSN 0862-9380

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