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Czech Theatre 22

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The latest issue of the Czech Theatre Magazine places special emphasis on the stages located in the Moravian metropolis of Brno. A Stroll through the Brno Theatre Scene (D. Viceníková). Devotion to the Cross (J. Mlejnek). A Century Fascinated with the Devil (M. Reslová). The Czech Lands Rediscover Political Theatre (J. Machalická). Exploring Male Vocations and Pastimes (J. Kerbr). Iva Peřinová: Playing with Fire (J. Rezková). The Greek Passion and Curlew River (R. Hrdinová). Czech Dance Zone 2005 (N. Vangeli). As well as the Alfred Radok and Thalia Theatre Awards, new books published by the Theatre Institute, Czech Theatre in Numbers and synopses of new Czech plays in translation.

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