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Czech theatre 33

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The English-language Czech Theatre magazine comes out once a year. It brings information on the state of Czech theatre, events of the past season, artistic tendencies and distinctive personalities of Czech theatre. The 33rd issue brings an article by Michal Zahálka on current Czech productions of Ibsen’s plays (at Prague’s Palmovka Theatre, Theatre in Dlouhá Street, the National Theatre in Brno and Ostrava’s Aréna Theatre) and an overview of Prague’s contemporary independent scenes by Lenka Dombrovská (among others: MeetFactory, VILA Štvanice and Borderlands). Lenka Šaldová looks back on the 2016 edition of the Janáček Brno international opera festival, Kamila Černá presents the best puppet shows of the past year. The issue also commemorates the twentieth anniversary of the foundation of Theatre in Dlouhá Street and its recently deceased director Jan Borna (along with a review of his ultimate production, Conversations in Exile), the twenty-fifth anniversary of the foundation of Dejvice Theatre (along with reviews of two of its recent productions) and the fiftieth anniversary of the first edition of the Prague Quadrennial. A major success of Petr Zelenka’s play Job Interviews on the French stage is presented, along with a recently published books of theatre photographs by Viktor Kronbauer, published by Arts and Theatre Institute. As usual, the issue features the Notebook section, bringing information on new books, plays or statistical data on Czech theatre.

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