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Czech Theatre 32

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The 32nd issue of Czech Theatre presents several overviews of the Czech theatre in the past year. In A Land in Search of Stories, Michal Zahálka writes about notable productions in Czech dramatic and puppet theatre in 2015/16, Lenka Šaldová looks at the latest development in Czech opera and Eva Orcígrová presents two distinctive dance pieces: FAiTH by Miřenka Čechová and Guide by Věra Ondrašíková. A section is dedicated to the productions of Dušan D. Pařízek after the end of his era at Prague’s Comedy Theatre, with Vojtěch Varyš’s article After the Comedy Theatre: Pařízek’s Work Abroad and Alena Zemančíková’s review of the awarded international production entitled The Schweik Case. A profile of Martin Františák as a playwright and as a stage director, written by Michal Zahálka, is entitled Plays after the Nightshift in a Small Town. Jan Kerbr writes a profile of Prague’s Minor Theatre and its productions for children and young audiences, while Josef Mlejnek reviews a highly-regarded production of Klíma’s Human Tragicomedy directed by Hana Burešová at the Theatre in Dlouhá Street. In A Journey through Historical Theatres in the Czech Republic, published as part of the activities of the PERSPECTIV – Association of Historic Theatres showcases several notable Czech historic theatres from Prague’s Estates Theatre to the baroque chateau theatres in Litomyšl and Český Krumlov. Petra Ježková presents the Czech Theatre Encyclopaedia, a long-running project of the Arts and Theatre Institute’s Department for Czech Theatre Studies. As usual, the issue includes the Notebook section with information about newly-released books, new Czech drama, awards or the statistics of Czech theatre.

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