Department of International Cooperation

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The department’s mission is to promote Czech theatre arts abroad and to share information about developments in international theatre with the Czech public. The department cooperates with other ATI departments, most notably the Arts Institute, SoundCzech export promotion office, and the PQ team. A fundamental part of the department’s work is its close collaboration with other partners, such as the Czech Centres, international professional networks and NGOs, and national and international independent or state-run cultural organisations. Its programme of work is prepared in cooperation and consultation with the PerformCzech Dramaturgical Council.

In its promotion of Czech theatre abroad the department focuses in particular on contemporary work and artists in Czech theatre and to some extent also in other branches of the arts, such as dance, music, literature, theatre research, cultural and creative industries, cultural policies, cultural diplomacy, and branding. It devotes special attention to theatre work created in the Czech Republic and (co)funded from Czech sources, and to work with a significant connection to the Czech theatre community. This means that work by people of other nationalities that is in an integrated part of Czech theatre also falls within the department’s scope.

  • Official International Travel – Administrators
    Alena Kulhánková, Mirka Potůčková
  • Wed 13–16
    Fri 9.30–12
  • +420 224 809 189

Examples of our work

We coordinate Czech participation in international fairs devoted to the stage arts (CINARS, PAMS, Tanzmesse, MASA, APAP, Fira Tárrega, and others) and support the promotion and presentation of Czech artists at international fairs.

Cooperation in coordinating the participation of international guests at festivals and events in the Czech Republic showcasing contemporary Czech theatre and dance work.

We are members of numerous international professional networks (IETM, On the Move, EEPAP) and coordinate the Czech centres of international theatre NGOs.

We coordinate a short-term mobility programme that provides artists and cultural managers with financial support to travel abroad to participate, for example, in conferences, fairs, or festivals.

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Events in support of international cooperation

We organise exhibitions, talks, conferences, presentations, lectures, and symposia in the Czech Republic and abroad.

We coordinate Theatre Night in the Czech Republic as part of our involvement in the international project European Theatre Night.

We publish catalogues and promotional materials on Czech theatre – for example, the Czech Performance Collection catalogue; Let’s Play Czechs, a catalogue of work by Czech playwrights; the film 89 minut s českým divadlem (89 Minutes with Czech Theatre); and an anthology of drama in English, Spanish, and other language translations. We also provide dramaturgical and production assistance in the preparation and distribution of publications by the ATI.


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Martina Pecková Černá

+420 224 809 173
+420 775 858 794

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Pavel Štorek

+420 224 809 116
+420 777 196 840

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Viktorie Schmoranzová

+420 224 809 173
+420 607 624 885

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Alena Kulhánková

+420 224 809 189

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Mirka Potůčková

+420 224 809 132

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