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Čtyřdenní program pro zahraniční dramaturgy, kurátory, kritiky, překladatele a další divadelní profesionály připravený ve spolupráci s pražskými divadelními a uměleckými domy a organizacemi.

HI PerformanCZ: Prague Visitors´Program

16. – 19.5.2018 a 19.- 22.9.2018, Praha

Letošní pilotní dvě edice programu pro zahraniční dramaturgy, kurátory, kritiky, překladatele a další divadelní profesionály byly připraveny ve spolupráci s pražskými divadelními a uměleckými domy a organizacemi Minor, DOX, Ponec, Alta, Alfred ve dvoře, Vila Štvanice, Jatka78, Cirqueon, Venuše ve Švehlovce, Divadlo Na zábradlí, Palác Akropolis a Strašnické divadlo. V rámci čtyřdenního maratonu se zahraničním hostům představí soubory sídlící na výše uvedených adresách nejen formou představení, ale také v přednáškových, prezentačních a diskusních formátech. Jarní program se zaměří na nonverbální a experimentální divadlo a tituly pro děti, zářijová nabídka bude převážně činoherní. Jazykově bariérové inscenace budou titulkovány/tlumočeny do angličtiny.

HI PerformanCZ: Prague Visitors´ Program

16-19 May, 2018: nonverbal, experimental, physical and family theatre shows
19-22 September, 2018: drama and text-based theatre shows 

Experience Czech independent and progressive theatre, circus and performing arts productions within two packages in May and September 2018! This special program for international audiences is organized by the Arts and Theatre Institute together with Prague theatres and companies. Free accommodation, tickets and networking activities for limited number of visitors. Registrations are open until 28 February, 2018.

Go to registration here.

Text-based shows with English subtitles. Discussions, meetings, networking sessions included in the program package.


16-19 May, 2018: nonverbal, experimental, physical and family theatre show

WED 16 May

Alfred ve dvoře theatre: Warriot Ideal – Aviators (adults and kids 12 and up)
Wariot Ideal tells the story of the young men who joined the foreign resistance with the goal of defeating Hitler, halting the wave of death spreading across Europe, and liberating their occupied homeland. After a dangerous escape and a difficult journey, they arrive in Great Britain, where, instead of being immediately sent into battle, they face hours of boring English lessons, learning to fly in formation (but only on bicycles), and seemingly endless military training. Eventually, however, they find themselves inside slow and heavy bombers that are easy targets for German fighters and for the Third Reich’s ground-based air defenses.

DOX theatre: Farm in the Cave – Disconnected (physical)
The term hikikomori refers both to the sociological phenomenon of acute social withdrawal and the people belonging to this societal group. Hikikomori is sometimes called the "illness of modern society". The composition entitled Odtržení/Disconnected is a unique blend of installation, documentary and physical theatre, which arose from the observation of hikikomori. The composition combines action, video and text with live music, and is part of a project called Night In The City which aims to explore sensitive modern issues. This exploration is the current focus of international theatre studio Farm In The Cave.

THU 17 May

Minor theatre: Look, the World! (performance for all family members)
Water. Fire, Earth. Air. Plants. Animals. Human beings. But what is the connection? To find you feet in the world around us is not easy for adults, let alone the kids! Three mime artists will try to explain what happens when the rain falls from a cloud, how plants grow together, what is the relationship among a stork, frog and chameleon, and many other extraordinary things in a playful, motion and wordless way. 

Jatka78 theatre: La Putyka – Batacchio (contemporary circus)
Batacchio is bound to charm you with the ambiance of ancient shows, loaded with magic tricks, breathtaking acrobatics and humour. Please welcome on stage seven acrobats and actors in an original fusion of contemporary circus and disciplines you will hardly ever get the chance to see on stage these days.

FRI 18 May

Brunch in the Studio Alta

Minor theatre: Tantehorse – Paperboy (nonverbal)
Nonverbal fairy-tale with a minimalistic setting works with spectator’s imagination. The play Paperboy Simple-storytelling based on Radim Vizváry’s physical expression and creative play with the material’s form, his puppet-mastery and casual communication with children spectators.

Vila Štvanice theatre: Geisslers Hofcomoedianten – In the Blueberry Bushes (nonverbal)
Love can move mountains, but what does passion do to people? If you do not want to lose your heart, get out of the kitchen! A saucy comedy full of forest fruit and lovesick animals. Inspired by the play La Mirtilla (1588), the first surviving pastoral written by famous actress and writer Isabella Andreini. The third part of the dramaturgic cycle of Opus Andreini.

SAT 19 May

Minor theatre: Damúza – Moment! (performance for ges 10 months to 3 years)
Tender trash-punk performance for toddlers. These heroes from dustbins are kind mates… Don‘t be fooled by their messy looking. It will take just a moment and ordinary things come to life.

Nuselský dvorky – festival of outdoor theatre and contemporary circus

18:00  Alfred ve dvoře: Handa Gote – Mutus Liber (experimental)
Mutus Liber (Silent Book, 1677) is an alchemist’s book without words, a guide in pictures on manufacturing the Philosopher’s Stone. Handa Gote Research & Development’s performance is inspired by the mute language of this book which depicts in complex steps each phase leading to a “masterwork“. More than the Philosopher’s Stone, Handa Gote is interested in the world of work itself, handiwork and craftsmanship. By referencing tables from The Silent Book, performing small activities and handcraft the group seeks to restore the “magic of work“. 


19-22 September, 2018: drama and text-based theatre shows

WED 19 September

20:00 Venuše ve Švehlovce theatre: Lachende Bestien – Sezuan (Basierend auf Brecht)
The new original project of the Lachende Bestien Company, based on Brecht´s Good Person of Szechwan and his theoretical writings. Four acresses take up Brecht to make a statement about feminism, love, capitalism and living in truth. Demonstration, politics, Verfremdungseffekt (estrangement effect).

THU 20 September

Theatre on the Ballustrade: Macbeth – Too much blood (based on William Shakespeare)
Evil is not born in a dark cauldron but grows from an unwillingness to admit what makes us happy, both those around us and to ourselves. Where a natural desire for happiness cannot be appeased, therein grows a desire for power. Power that allows us to seek revenge for our own traumas and feelings of worthlessness. The world of this Macbeth speaks a universal language in which there is no longer space for transcendence and philosophical thought. A language which names reality simply and inexorably. Only one language and a few words now suffice to understand this world. A variation on Shakespeare’s Macbeth, in which we cannot be sure whether the action takes place in the past, present, or far future. We don’t know whether we are returning to old models when “men were men,” “women were women,” and anyone who wanted power and money had to spill blood, or whether we are gazing into a future where cultivation, propriety, and empathy have yielded once again to our basest instincts.

Vila Štvanice: Letí Theatre – Olga (contemporary Czech drama)
“What do you want from me? Why do you want to rake the coals over? Do you expect a show? Illustration of history? The portrait of a heroine? Olga... The best friend for all times, regimes and seasons. I hate when people take themselves too seriously.” The depiction of Olga Havlová’s life she did not choose but proudly accepted it. Anna Saavedra focuses on the first dissent lady and first lady of the Czech Republic.

FRI 21 September

Palác Akropolis theatre: Miřenka Čechová & Spitfire Company – Miss AmeriKA (experimental)
Palác Akropolis theatre: Robert Janč & Squadra Sua - UP (experimental)

Robert Janč for the first time alone, for the first time in the dangerous discipline called Stand Up Comedy and for the first time the Main Star of the evening. FUNNY, TOUCHING, TRUE. Together with the famous American Comedian Jeff Ripper, with his hilarious and honest show „UP! – A day without a Fuck-Up is a Fuck-Up.“, who'll be maybe right on time tonight.

SAT 22 September

Alfred ve dvoře theatre: Martin Smolka and Jiří Adámek: The Lists of Infinity (hushed opera)
This hommage à Umberto Eco is composed of lists, series, catalogues and indexes, beginning with the most familiar such as the alphabet or the table of the elements. The lists may feel banal – or also dizzying, for instance when it comes to the fantastic imaginary cities of Italo Calvino or the images of an “incomprehensible universe” in the magical stories of Jorge Luis Borges. But the main sources of inspiration for the creators of this opera format were Umberto Eco and his voluminous book The Infinity of Lists.

Vila Štvanice theatre: Tygr v tísni – Mama’s Boys (based on Robert Musil, Thomas Bernhard and Reiner Maria Rilke)
The dormitory of a selective school. Four future members of the social elite in one room. Mamma’s Boys. Money theft triggers off the spiral of the supremacy and humiliation, terror and abuse supported by spiritual, moral and economic ideologies. The play inspired by Robert Musil’s The Confusions of Young Torless, Thomas Bernhard’s Gathering Evidence and Reiner Maria Rilke’s short stories.

Strašnické theatre: X10 – Collapse (contemporary Czech drama)
An original Czech play tailored to the needs of the X10 Theatre. An udertaking business goes into bankruptcy and therefore (or despite) it offers the most bizzare funeral styles. The business owner has no notion, though, that his new client is only after his own goals. Furthermore, a self-declared messiah hides in the basement of the house. The two storylines finally intersect at the fateful moment. Or is it a co-incidence? Is our society sentenced to a fatal collapse? Whose the weapons? Who is the father of the unborn baby? And anyway...who is who? Does parallel universe exist? What is the time? What year? Who are the last people on Earth and who sings that? Who tells their story? The play definitely collapses in all planes.


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