Services and Activities of the ATI

As part of its mission of the Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI) is engaged in the development and conservation of collections and ensuring they are accessible to the public. Our services are open to students, researchers, theatre artists, and everyone in the professional community and the general public.

In the ATI building staff are available in individual study halls during opening hours. Visitors can study in the ATI’s facilities after registering and paying a reader’s fee, which then gives them access to all of the ATI’s collections, from its library, documentation and bibliographic collections to the videotheque, audiotheque, archive and other collections. The library has a barrier-free study hall that is accessible to researchers with disabilities. Photocopying and literary search services are provided for a fee (service fees).More on the activities of the ATI’s individual departments and their collections can be obtained from their websites.

With the help of technological advances and the continuing digitisation of collections we are able to offer an increasing number of our databases and catalogues on‐line. The ATI’s virtual library offers users access to the catalogues of the library, the audiotheque and videotheque, a bibliographic database, a database of productions in Czech theatres since 1945, and photography and scenography collections.
Electronic copies or photocopies of articles from periodicals that are not in the library’s collection can be obtained through the services of the Virtual Polytechnic Library (VPK) and are provided for a fee according to the VPK’s current feelist. An electronic copy of free works can also be obtained through the services of the EOD (e‐Books on Demand).

Infodesk is a special service that offers smooth and easy access to information through the portal (in czech only).



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