Invitation: PACE.V4 Touring Conference

The PACE.V4 Touring Conference will take place on 4th to 15th June, 2016 in 7 locations in Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland (Budapest and its surroundings Tatabánya and Zsámbék), Topol’čany, Žilina, Olomouc, Ostrava, Katowice, Krakow). The conference is organized in frame of the PACE.V4 project, realised with cooperation of The Arts and Theatre Insitute. Get your registration now!


Performing arts are the only artistic area, which is conditioned by direct and live contact of the actor and his/her spectator, therefore infrastructure and transport (mobility) play essential role in its genesis and existence. And vice versa, not only in recent history we could evidence that performing arts with their infrastructure disposed of the capacity to function as a public discussion forum in crucial historical moments of our societies and thus proved its quality of a tool for a social dialogue leading to the cultivation and democratization of our societies.

A dense network composed of traditional historical theatre architecture, cultural facilities inherited from the communist period and new cultural centres founded after 1989 are specific for the Visegrad region (V4 = Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary), just like a dense network of railways. People and their creation are the principal energy and condition of vivid existence of this rich cultural heritage and infrastructure, therefore the main conference goal is to meet them and discover their work, to improve relations of V4 cultural stakeholders and to engage representatives from non-V4 region into present V4 contexts.

The conference is planned as a 12-day event using as means of transport public infrastructure (mainly train).


The professional profile of the conference participants should be connected with the field of performing arts and culture, e.g. dramaturges, curators, critics, researchers, artists, cultural managers, decision-makers and experts from all over the world (see conditions for participation below). The core of the group will form 17 representatives from V4 region and Eastern Partnership countries. The total number of participants is approx. 50 persons.

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The conference is organized in frame of the PACE.V4 project. Performing Arts Central Europe – Visegrad Countries Focus (PACE.V4) is a project of a continuous co-operation of Visegrad performing arts organizations. This network was established in order to develop a common presentation and research stratégy with the goals to strengthen the coherence of the Visegrad group countries, to foster its visibility at the international cultural scene, to promote current performing arts sector of the Visegrad countries and the brand “Visegrad” in general and to enhance international contacts and co-operation of Visegrad artists and stakeholders on the international level. The strategy is applied as in priority international events such as the biggest world performing arts markets or important international theatre/dance/music festivals, so within the Visegrad region in form of specialized events (conferences, meetings, workshops, presentations, networking program).

 The project is realized by following institutions:


The conference is funded by The International Visegrad Fund.

For further details and in case of any questions please contact Mrs. Martina Pecková Černá (

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