International Cooperation and PR

The department’s main goal is promotion of Czech culture and especially theatre abroad and information about foreign theatre in the Czech Republic. It prepares the concepts, dramaturgy and production background for international and local projects, festivals, exhibitions, seminars, and conferences, and it also organizes such activities. It collaborates with Czech and foreign theatre and artistic organizations, institutions and universities. It actively participates in international networks and it develops Czech activities in the field of international non-governmental theatre organizations. It provides contacts and information about Czech theatre abroad and about foreign theatre at home. It prepares publications and informational materials about Czech theatre for dissemination abroad, and participates in the preparation of books for publication by the Arts and Theatre Institute.

Main Activities

Production, organization and support of international events in the Czech Republic and abroad

Examples of our projects:

  • Czech Theatre Showcase, a biennal of contemporary Czech theatre for international audiences
  • Participation in performing arts markets
  • other international cooperative projects in the Czech Republic and abroad (see our current projects under the link

Publications and other information sources

Examples of our projects:

  • Information website about Czech theatre including an electronic quarterly in English presenting the latest information on theatre, dance, and opera in the Czech Republic
  • Catalogues and promotional materials on Czech theatre (e.g. Czech Performance Collection, catalogue of Czech playwrights Let’s Play Czechs, movie 89 minutes with Czech theatre, drama anthologies in English, Spanish and other translations)


Examples of our project:

Information service, marketing, and PR

Final reports of the International Cooperation and PR Department dor downloading

T 224 809 169 / 116
F 224 810 278

Current Projects

The Performing Arts Central Europe - Visegrad Countries Focus is a pilot project of common presentation in priority international events such as the biggest world performing arts markets or important international theatre/dance/music festivals.

More about all current projects and archive of projects realized by the International Cooperation and PR Department of ATI are available under the link

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