František Langer: Plays for Puppet Theatre

ObálkaThis is the sixth and final volume of Langer’s plays (vol. 10 in the publication of the collected writings of Langer). It contains puppet plays intended for younger audiences that Langer wrote in the early 1930s and that work with the traditional motifs of popular fairytales (Prince Casper and His Horse, The Gingerbread House, Casper as Detective, What the King Didn’t Know about at Home, The Wicked Princess and the Good Dragon). Langer went back to writing puppet plays later, in the early 1960s, when the political pressure to exclude him from Czech literature was slowly waning (A Soldier in a City of Liars, Pivoda, the Water Sprite at the Base of Vyšehrad Cliff). The plays are also accompanied by several articles, in which the author reminisces about his childhood and avows his love of the world of puppet theatre (e.g. The Troubles of Puppet Theatre Artists, The Puppetry Plays I Used to Write). The volume was compiled and its foreword written by Milena Vojtková.
Price 190 Czk / 191 pp. / ISBN 80-7008-183-X

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