The Arts and Theatre Institute would like to invite you to the public forum focused on the Mission and Role of National Cultural Institutions in the context of the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Nation-States in Central and Eastern Europe (Friday, 10 November 2017, 9:30-14:30).

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Call for entries for student workshops within Porous Borders symposium in Prague

The Prague Quadrennial announces call for entries for students of art and theatre studies to participate in one-day workshop 36Q° dedicated to scenography – particularly its component of costume design. The workshop will take place on 13th October within the autumn Porous Borders symposium at DAMU in Prague. The individual workshops will be led by Czech and foreign theatre professionals.

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The leading Czech stage designer Petr Matásek has died

Petr Matásek’s death closes the circle of activities of the exceptional generation of important puppet personalities, who formed the shape of modern Czech puppet theatre in the late 20th century until nowadays.

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Arts and Theatre Institute

The mission of the Arts and Theatre Institute is to provide the Czech and international public with a comprehensive range of services in the field of theatre and individual services connected to other branches of the arts (music, literature, dance and visual arts). The ATI collects objects and work relating to the theatre, processes and provides access to them, pursues research, initiates and participates in international projects, and publishes scholarly work.

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